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Service Your Fuel System Tips

Contaminates in your fuel system and deposit on your injectors can cause a decrease in the overall power of your vehicle. This will have a negative impact on your vehicles fuel efficiency, torque and towing capacitywhen needed. To ensure that you are getting optimal performance from your engine, a fuel system service is recommended.

Your Fuel System Service will consist of REMOVING:

  • Potentially harmful varnishes & deposits from your vehicle's fuel system & injectors.
  • Contaminates from your vehicle's air intake system, sensorsand throttle body.
  • Intake valve deposits as well as deposits in your vehicle'scombustion chamber

Having this service performed will:

  • Improve the air flow to your fuel system
  • Improve the overall performance and power of your vehicle, on acceleration and while idling
  • Reduce harmful emissions
  • Promote efficient fuel flow thus increasing the fuel efficiency in turn will save you money

Engine De-Carbonizing:

Engine De-carbonization is primarily getting rid of the carbon debris that settles down in the intake manifold due to the fuel/air mixture constantly passing through it and sometimes the remains settle down.

One of the byproducts from current day gasoline is a great amount of carbon build up on internal engine parts including the intake, the intake valves and the top of the pistons and on your oxygen sensors in the exhaust manifolds.

De-carbonation is where a mixture of chemicals is introduced into your engine while running and breaks down this carbon deposits either by a chemical reaction or a molecular bonding action.

Once carbon begins to build up it begins to hold heat which will place heat in areas not designed for it. Especially on the back edge of intake valves, the fuel begins to be affected by the carbon deposit before it gets to burn completely and sometimes you will hear this as ping and knock.

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