Since me buying my car last summer, my brother in law and BOTH nephews have purchased trucks through Taylor!

Since me buying my car last summer, my brother in law and BOTH nephews have purchased trucks through Taylor!

You don’t know me however I have been meaning to write to you for months (I am a bit of a procrastinator– better late than never, right??). Anyways, my husband Rob bought the red 1500 dodge sport that was in your showroom a couple months ago. Actually in addition to that I bought a Chrysler 300 as well last summer.

Taylor Werk was our saleslady with both of these purchases. I just wanted to let you know (even though I am sure you do) what an absolutely AMAZING human being she is. Wherever that girl goes to sell vehicles, we will follow her. Not in a stalker way haha….. I am just meaning we have never had such a positive buying experience. I always dreaded looking for new vehicles. I hated the pressure some salespeople put on you and it always made me uncomfortable. Taylor is the complete opposite of this. She obviously understands what it is like to be on the “other side”. She presented all our options and literally was able to answer ANY question Rob or I had. That girl knows her stuff!!!!! She would give us space to talk in private instead of hovering over us like some salespeople do.

When Rob purchased his truck their were some issues with the box (there was a dent in it). As part of the agreement when buying, Dodge was going to replace it. After we purchased it things went a little sideways and we weren’t sure if that was going to happen. Taylor went to bat for us, stood by our side, constantly kept in communication with us and secured us not only a new box but also a spray in liner. To say we were impressed, is an understatement.

Since me buying my car last summer, my brother in law and BOTH nephews have purchased trucks through Taylor. Word of mouth is huge, and in a small community it can make or break a business. You should be extremely proud of the saleslady you have on your staff, because her calmness, and down to earth personality she is bringing in a lot of sales from people who just don’t like pressure. In fact my daughter and her boyfriend wanted to buy a used truck through Taylor (his truck was stolen a couple months ago). Although they didn’t find anything that suited their price range, Brett (my daughters boyfriend) said Taylor was the only person that actually LISTENED to what their needs and wants were…..he said every other dealership tried to push them into vehicles completely out of their price range (one dealership even kept insisting he take a 40,000 truck home “just for the night”. Of course they declined….way out of a young couples budget with a baby on the way. That experience made them both extremely uncomfortable and left a negative taste in their head. They both said that when they are looking to upgrade to a newer vehicle, it will only be Taylor they deal with.

Anyways, sorry for the long email. I work in Human Services field as a Manager in Red Deer, and it seems all to often people are quick to complain when they are unhappy with an employee…..that is why I felt it was so important to send you this note. It is just as important, if not more so, to let someone know when they have gone above and beyond for you. it was very much noticed, and appreciated.